From its early beginnings, Leighton Church has been very mission-minded. One of the first missionaries the church supported was Dr. McBride who served in Sierra Leone. Since those days, we have supported many missionaries and mission organizations. We have also seen several from our congregation actually become missionaries to various parts of the world.

Today we support 15 missionary families and 10 mission organizations through our Faith Promise program. Faith Promise is a pledge between an individual and God to support missions through the coming year over and above their tithe.

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  • Bibles for the World
  • Forgotten Man Ministry
  • Good News
  • Mel Trotter Ministry
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Project Hope
  • Red Bird Mission
  • Son-Life Camp

To keep our congregation informed and in order for us to get to know our missionaries, we have an annual missions conference. We would love to have you attend.

A rewarding experience for many in our congregation has been to participate on a work team to a mission field. There is no better way to experience what it is like to be a foreign missionary. This experience also enables participants to get to know our missionaries on a very personal basis.