From its early beginnings, Leighton Church has been very mission-minded. One of the first missionaries the church supported was Dr. McBride who served in Sierra Leone. Since those days, we have supported many missionaries and mission organizations. We have also seen several from our congregation become missionaries to various parts of the world.

Today we support 15 missionary families around the world and 10 mission organizations through Faith Promise, which is a pledge between an individual and God to support missions through the coming year over and above their tithe.

People in the following countries are touched by missionaries supported through Faith Promise.

(names and locations are not listed to protect the missionaries and their ministry)

  • Southeast Asia
  • United States
  • Peru, South America
  • Bolivia, South America
  • Costa Rica, Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Japan
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Mexico
  • Africa

Mission Organizations we support:

  • Bibles for the World
  • Degage Ministries
  • Forgiven Ministry
  • Forgotten Man Ministry
  • Good News
  • Mel Trotter Ministry
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Project Hope
  • Red Bird Mission




In January of 2020, Forgotten Man Ministry partnered with Crossroad Prison Ministries to provide a Bible Study for prison inmates committed to starting a new life with Christ.  Forgotten Man Ministry’s traditional ministry hit a big roadblock with COVID-19.  But God provided a way; a valuable ministry tool that does not require staff or volunteers to be in the jails.  No computer skills are needed and it doesn’t matter what state or county a mentor lives in.  God is providing the financial resources to support the growth.  Although the inmate field is vast and ready for the harvest, the laborers are few. Forgotten Man Ministries is earnestly praying to the Lord of the harvest to send more mentors.  Are you part of the answer to that prayer?  Here is how the mentorship program works.

  1. Crossroads sends a Bible study lesson to a student.
  2. The student completes the lesson and mails it back to Crossroads.
  3. Crossroads sends the next lesson to the student and forwards the student’s completed lesson to a volunteer mentor.
  4. As the student works on their next lesson, the mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student along with an encouraging letter.

Mentors DO NOT interact directly with inmates inside the secure part of the jail, but rather through written communication that protect the privacy of mentors.

This is a great opportunity for any mature believer to invest in the life of an inmate committed to starting a new life with Christ.

Apply here.