Hand2Hand Ministry

Leighton Church partners with Hand2Hand Ministry to provide food on weekends for school children with food insecurity.  Breakfast foods, snacks, and dinner items are packed weekly and sent home with children on Fridays.  A donation box for food items is located in the church lobby. Click here for a list of food items needed.


Community Produce Stand

Those with  extra  produce  from  their  gardens  are  invited  to  leave  it  on  the  Leighton  Church  produce  stand  located  at  the  church’s  142nd  Avenue   entrance.  This produce   is  intended  for  those  in  need  to  have  a  resource  for  fresh  fruits  and  vegetables.  This  summer,  over  400  pounds  of  fresh  fruits  and  vegetables  were  distributed  from  the  produce  stand  through  the  USDA  Farm  to  Family  program.  The  produce  stand  is  available  into  October.