Statements of Faith

Click here to download the Statements of Faith of Leighton Church.


The Core Values of Leighton Church are:

  1. Personal Relationship with Jesus. The most significant key to living the Christian faith is to know Jesus personally and intimately in a daily love relationship through the working of the Holy Spirit. We seek together to know Him more that the Father’s love may be real to all.
  2. Loving Relationships with Others. Our daily love relationship with Jesus brings us into loving relationships with others. These relationships are extremely important in enabling people to experience God’s love through Jesus and to experience loving relationships with one another.
  3. Presence of the Holy Spirit. The key to our intimate love relationship with Jesus and our loving relationships with others is our absolute dependence upon the person of the Holy Spirit. We seek together to know Him more.
  4. Word Centered/Word Based. We value the need to know His word that we may pray Heaven to Earth in authority and power that people will be set free to love and to serve Him.
  5. Presence of God’s Anointing. We strive through a surrendered heart to host the presence of God’s Holy Spirit that His anointing will manifest amongst us in love, power, and healing.
  6. All People Including Children are Precious and are Welcome. All people are precious to God and are therefore precious to us and are welcome to be part of the Leighton Family.
  7. Unity is Essential. Unity within the church in love and purpose is essential for God’s anointing to work within our ministry. We are committed to maintain this unity.
  8. Compassion Driven. We strive to know Jesus more so that our ministry will be compassion driven out of our love relationship with Him. We aim to encourage and to equip all Christian people to become effective in ministry.
  9. Reaching Beyond Our Walls. Our main ministry focus will be continually aimed beyond our walls into the broken world.
  10. If we are not having fun, go back to #1 and start over again.